Jiujigong Mix & Match Package

Jiujigong Mix & Match Package

Jiujigong Mix & Match Package




Sugarcane juice is extracted and slow boiled by hand,
allowing the brown sugar and ginger tea to return to their original purity.
Jiujigong Mix and Match Packge with only RM290

Embark on a journey of flavor exploration through ancient methods and fill your mouth with taste and nutrition! Now, you can taste the most authentic ancient jiuijigong handmade brown sugar and ginger tea. We slow-boil sugarcane juice in the purest way possible, allowing your body to experience unparalleled health and vitality. In addition, our brown sugar is made from the highest quality sugarcane juice, preserving the nutritional properties of the sugarcane itself and injecting more energy and nutrients into your body.

In addition, our ginger tea is an extremely delicious and healthy herbal tea. It has calming and anti-inflammatory effects, can dispel dampness, and help alleviate various health problems. We understand that both your health and taste are equally important, so we have prepared the best drinks for you to ensure that you have the best taste experience and health benefits.

Finally, to allow you to fully experience our products, we are offering a special package deal for you. Now, you can purchase five boxes of jiujigong handmade brown sugar or a mixed package deal for only RM290.

Buy now and enjoy the dual benefits of taste and health!

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1 Box Ginger Tea, 4 Box Brown Sugar, 2 Box Ginger Tea, 3 Box Brown Sugar, 3 Box Ginger Tea, 2 Box Brown Sugar, 4 Box Ginger Tea, 1 Box Brown Sugar, 5 Box Ginger Tea, 5 Box Brown Sugar