Gongba Tibetan Honey

Gongba Tibetan Honey

Gongba Tibetan Honey


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The differences between Gongba Tibetan Honey and ordinary honey are: Latitude and altitude, Honey source environment, Honey source plants, Attitude of beekeepers. Gongba Tibetan Honey is produced in areas with an average altitude of up to 4,000 meters. It is wild and natural, without any pollution, and represents the original ecological environment. It accounts for 2/3 of the total number of honey source plants worldwide and is extremely rare with only about 50,000 bee colonies, producing less than 0.2% of China’s honey. The Gongba Tibetan Honey is a type of multi-flower honey produced by the bees from Himalayan bee colonies. It contains more than 180 types of nutrients, including monosaccharides, fructose, vitamins, organic acids, minerals, and active substances. It is known as “the perfect natural health food,” “milk for the elderly,” and a gift from nature.


From the Himalayan Mountains – Gongba Tibetan Honey 🍯 🐝 Skincare and Beauty Promotes tissue regeneration, Promotes children’s growth and development Promotes longevity Improves digestion Protects the liver Fights fatigue Improves sleep Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties Protects the cardiovascular system Relieves cough and moisturizes the lungs Boosts immunity Shelf life: 24 months (from the production date) Suggested consumption: Can be consumed directly or used as a drink. It is recommended to use warm water below 50° to avoid destroying its nutrients. Weight: 408g per box, containing 34 packets of 12g each.