喝九吉公红糖,姜母茶,让您的健康问题一网打尽!FAQ解答,让您更放心享受每一口美味!FAQ’s 。询问我们 AMAZING HEALTH WELLNESS!让我直接跟你说!

Jiujigong old brown sugar is a big brand of pure brown sugar from Jingxiutang of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group, a 225-year-old Chinese pharmaceutical company. Unlike the industrial brown sugar obtained by using industrial white sugar waste as raw material and adding a variety of chemical additives for secondary waste processing, Jiujigong old brown sugar is boiled by the original manual technique that has been passed down for thousands of years, using sugarcane as the only The raw material is traditional Chinese brown sugar without additives.

Jiujigong old brown sugar is a traditional brown sugar that has been passed down for thousands of years. It is warming and tonic brown sugar. It is old brown sugar that women drink during menstrual periods, dysmenorrhea, cold palace, cold hands and feet, lack of energy and blood, and confinement.

Industrial brown sugar is a red sweetener, similar to white sugar, it is mainly used for seasoning and has no other effect. Because it contains a variety of chemical additives, frequent consumption is harmful to the human body.

Jiujigong old brown sugar is the old brown sugar of Guangyao Jingxiutang, a 225-year-old Chinese pharmaceutical company. All his safety standards, purity standards, and hygiene standards are the standards of hundreds of years old brands, which is not comparable to anyone. 

Jiujigong has its own exclusive sugarcane base, unified planting management, and unified varieties. This is not comparable to those brown sugars that do not have their own bases, rely on purchases of sugarcane, and use all kinds of sugarcane. All of Jiujigong's ancient sugar cooking skills have been passed down from pharmaceutical companies for hundreds of years. This is not comparable to brown sugar that has not been verified by history. 

Jiujigong's sugar-boiling workshops are all dust-free and sterile workshops, which are the standards of pharmaceutical companies. This is not comparable to those small workshops. Nowadays, many small workshops don’t even wear gloves when boiling sugar, and the dust and smoke are lingering, how clean it is. There are also some, when boiling sugar, in order to reduce the cost, industrial brown sugar is added when boiling sugar. Some even directly smelt industrial brown sugar for a second time and add caramel and pigments to pretend to be handmade brown sugar. 

In the name of cheap, they are doing unknown tricks that don't care about the safety and health of consumers.

Under the pretense of being cheap, they are engaged in women’s dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, less menstrual flow, early and delayed menstruation, cold palace, warm palace to prepare for pregnancy, confinement after giving birth, anemia, pale complexion, rough skin , Cold hands and feet, stomach troubles, and colds, you can drink Jiujigong old brown sugar. It is known to be a tricky child who does not care about the safety and health of consumers. 

Men who are weak in constitution, prone to sweating, and physically weak can also drink Jiujigong old brown sugar. 

Children who are picky eaters and malnourished can also drink Jiujigong old brown sugar. 

Elderly people with weak constitution and decreased physical function can drink Jiujigong old brown sugar. 

People who are recovering from a serious illness, weak in body, and physically exhausted can also drink Jiujigong old brown sugar.

Brew from 9 to 11 in the morning, one piece at a time, because this time period is the running time of the spleen meridian. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the spleen governs the production of blood. At this time, the absorption of supplemental qi and blood is the best, and gynecology follows the spleen meridian. 

Brew at 3-5 pm, preferably in the morning, once a day for those with cold body, and one more time for those with severe body cold! Carry forward the traditional health-preserving culture, let more female friends drink pure ancient brown sugar, and walk into health! 

You can drink it at any time, but it is best if you drink it at 9-11 am/3-5 pm.

High blood sugar (use with caution), high cholesterol, high blood pressure, not recommended for pregnant women, cancer patients, and infants under one year old.

Qi and blood go up as milk, and down as menstruation, so regulating menstruation means regulating Qi and blood. At the same time, brown sugar has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing stasis, so it can help smooth menstruation.

Usage: The ancient Jiujigong old brown sugar should be brewed with 200ml of hot water above 85°C to ensure that the active substances in the brown sugar, such as octacosanol, can fully exert their activity and the conditioning effect is better!

Jiujigong old brown sugar will not get angry. People with an internal heat constitution will have the symptoms of getting angry; the body's cold fire is heavier, and the meridians will be obstructed, and the anger will rise. When drinking Jiujigong brown sugar, drink it with lemon slices or chrysanthemums.

Jiujigong old brown sugar itself is boiled from sugar cane, and its ingredients are fructose. Fructose will be quickly decomposed after being absorbed by the body. Obesity is due to the accumulation of fat, and sugar cannot be converted into fat, so don’t worry. 

Many women have a lot of fat in their lower abdomen. In fact, it is mainly caused by the cold palace, because the uterus is most afraid of the cold. If the palace is cold, the body will automatically store fat and increase calories to protect the uterus. Therefore, for women with obesity in the lower abdomen, you should drink brown sugar to warm the palace up.

Diabetes is caused by insufficient insulin due to abnormal work of the pancreas. It has nothing to do with eating old brown sugar. Many people still get diabetes without eating old brown sugar.

The conditioning of the human body is a gradual process. Although many people have normal menstruation before, they have symptoms of heavy or low menstruation, dysmenorrhea, and cold hands and feet. When drinking Jiujigong old brown sugar for conditioning, the body is a whole conditioning process. So no worries, just normal conditioning process.

Cold hands and feet are mostly due to insufficient energy and blood. As the saying goes, "nine out of ten women suffer from deficiency". Therefore, most women have insufficient energy and blood, and cold hands and feet are more common, and it will be more serious in winter. Because the weather is cold in winter, the peripheral blood vessels of the human body will shrink, the amount of blood flowing through will be less, and the less heat, the colder it will be. Therefore, you should drink brown sugar to replenish qi and blood.

"Compendium of Materia Medica" records: brown sugar, slow liver qi, detoxify alcohol. So drunk, you can drink brown sugar.

After drinking for a period of time, you will feel that your hands and feet are gradually warming up, your hair is not so dry, you are no longer dizzy when you stand up, your face is rosy, and your skin is no longer dry and rough.

Everyone has different problems, different body constitutions, and different absorption effects, so the time is also different. We are losing qi and blood every day, even healthy people are advised to drink one cup a day to supplement the lack of qi and blood!

Women who have given birth to children have experience. After giving birth, the nurse will first let you drink a glass of thick brown sugar water. Because after delivery, there will be more congestion and various secretions in the body, which need to be eliminated in time. Jiujigong old brown sugar has the benefits of promoting blood circulation and clearing stasis. At the same time, women are seriously exhausted after giving birth, and Jiujigong old brown sugar can quickly replenish energy. At the same time, old brown sugar can also increase the quality of breast milk and promote uterine repair, so you must drink pure Jiujigong old brown sugar after giving birth.

Most of the brown sugar on the market is brown granulated sugar, which is the leftovers of pure old brown sugar, which is industrially boiled, which is the "fake brown sugar" exposed on 3.15. Drinking fake brown sugar for dysmenorrhea is not effective, drinking fake brown sugar for irregular menstruation is not effective, drinking fake brown sugar for confinement is not effective, and warming the palace and dispelling cold for pregnancy is not effective. Not to mention that so many additives are not good for yourself, your children or your family.

Qi and blood are the root of youth and beauty, and uterine health is the root of women's health. Buy a piece of clothing for one or two hundred and throw it away after wearing it. It is better for a woman to invest in her own health and beauty than investing in a garment factory. Come to a box of pure Jiujigong old brown sugar, and take good care of your body, and you will be young and beautiful when your energy and blood recover, and you will look good in whatever you wear.