Common Question and Answer

Jiujigong brown sugar is a premium brand of pure traditional Chinese red sugar from Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group Jingxiutang, a 225-year-old Chinese time-honored pharmaceutical enterprise. Unlike industrial brown sugar made from the by-products of industrial white sugar production and processed with various chemical additives and second-hand waste materials, Jiujigong brown sugar is made using original handmade techniques that have been passed down for thousands of years. It is made exclusively from sugarcane, without any additives, and is a traditional brown sugar.

Jiujigong brown sugar is a traditional red sugar that has been passed down for thousands of years. It is a warming brown sugar that is beneficial for women during their menstrual period, for menstrual pain, for coldness in hands and feet, for lack of blood and Qi, and for postpartum recovery.

Industrial red sugar is a red-colored sweetener similar to white sugar that is mainly used as a seasoning and has no other significant benefits. Due to its various chemical additives, frequent consumption can be harmful to the human body.

Jiujigong Brown Sugar is the old brown sugar of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Company’s Jingxiutang, a Chinese time-honored brand with a history of 225 years. Its safety standards, purity standards, and hygiene standards are all in line with the centuries-old standards of the brand, which cannot be easily surpassed by anyone.

JiujiGong has its own exclusive sugarcane plantation with unified planting management and consistent varieties. This is unlike those red sugars produced by companies without their own sugarcane plantations and relying on purchasing sugarcane of varying varieties. Jiujigong’s traditional sugar-making techniques have been passed down for centuries within the pharmaceutical industry. This is something that cannot be easily matched by red sugars that have not been verified by historical practice.

Jiujigong’s sugar-making workshops are all dust-free and sterile environments, in line with pharmaceutical industry standards. This cannot be easily matched by small workshops. Nowadays, many small workshops do not wear gloves during the sugar-making process and are surrounded by dust and smoke, making it difficult to maintain cleanliness. Some even add industrial brown sugar during the sugar-making process to reduce costs. Some even go as far as re-refining industrial brown sugar and adding caramel and coloring agents to pass off as handmade brown sugar。

Under the guise of being inexpensive, they engage in shady practices that disregard the safety and health of consumers.

Jujigong Brown Sugar is suitable for women who suffer from dysmenorrhea, irregular periods, scanty menstruation, early or delayed menstrual periods, coldness in the uterus, preparing for pregnancy, postpartum recovery, anemia, pale complexion, rough skin, cold hands and feet, stomach discomfort, and catching colds easily.

Jiujigong Brown Sugar is also suitable for men who have weak constitution, sweating easily, and lack of physical strength.

Jiujigong Brown Sugar can also be consumed by children who are picky eaters and have poor nutrition.

Elderly people who have a weak and cold constitution and a decline in physical function can also drink Jiujigong Brown Sugar.

Those who have just recovered from a serious illness, have a weak body, and lack physical strength can also drink Jiujigong Brown Sugar.

It’s best to drink Jiujigong old brown sugar tea during 9-11am because this is when the spleen meridian is active according to traditional Chinese medicine. The spleen is responsible for producing blood, so during this time, the body is most receptive to absorbing nutrients to replenish blood. Additionally, the spleen meridian is related to the female reproductive system.

drink Jiujigong brown sugar from in the afternoon from 3-5pm. It is recommended to drink it in the morning. For those who have a cold body, drink it once a day, and for those with severe cold body, they can increase it to twice a day. Let’s promote traditional health culture and let more female friends drink pure ancient brown sugar and step into a healthy life!

It can be consumed at any time, but it is recommended to drink it during 9-11 am or 3-5 pm for optimal absorption, as these time periods are when the spleen meridian is most active according to traditional Chinese medicine. However, it can still be consumed at other times of the day.

Not recommended for people with high blood sugar (use with caution), high cholesterol, high blood pressure, pregnant women, cancer patients, and babies under one year old.

The principle of how Jiujigong Brown Sugar regulates menstruation is to regulate the Qi and Blood. Qi and Blood flow upwards to produce breast milk and flow downwards to form menstrual blood. Therefore, regulating menstruation is the same as regulating Qi and Blood. At the same time, brown sugar can promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, which can help to ensure smooth menstrual flow.

Usage: The traditional Jiujigong old brown sugar should be brewed with 200ml of hot water at a temperature of 85℃ or above, to ensure that the active substances in the brown sugar, such as octacosanol, can be fully activated and the regulating effect is better.

Jiujigong traditional brown sugar will not cause internal heat. People with a hot constitution may have symptoms of internal heat, while those with a cold constitution and poor meridian circulation may also have increased internal heat. When drinking Jiujigong brown sugar, you can add lemon slices or chrysanthemum to it.

Jiujigong brown sugar is made from sugarcane, and its main component is fructose. Fructose is quickly broken down by the human body after absorption, and obesity is caused by the accumulation of fat. Sugar cannot be converted into fat, so there is no need to worry about gaining weight from drinking Jiujigong brown sugar.

Many women have more belly fat, which is caused by uterine coldness. Because the uterus is most afraid of cold, if it is cold, the body will automatically store fat to increase heat to protect the uterus. Therefore, women with abdominal obesity should drink red sugar to warm the uterus.

Diabetes is caused by the pancreas not working properly and not producing enough insulin. It has nothing to do with consuming old brown sugar. Many people who do not consume old brown sugar can still develop diabetes.

The process of regulating the body is gradual and individual. It’s normal to experience changes in menstrual cycle and other symptoms during the process of taking JiuJiGong brown sugar. However, these are part of the natural adjustment process, and there is no need to worry.

Feeling cold in hands and feet is often caused by insufficient Qi and blood in the body. As the saying goes, “nine out of ten women are deficient,” so most women are Qi and blood deficient, and cold hands and feet are more common. It will get worse in winter because the cold weather causes peripheral blood vessels to contract, reducing the amount of blood flow and heat, making it even colder. Therefore, drinking red sugar can help supplement Qi and blood.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” records: Brown sugar can soothe the liver and relieve alcohol intoxication. Therefore, if you are drunk, you can drink some brown sugar.

After drinking it for a while, you may feel that your hands and feet are gradually getting warmer, your hair is not as dry as before, you no longer feel dizzy or see blackness when standing up, your complexion is healthier, and your skin is no longer rough and dry.

The time for the effect of drinking Jiujigong old brown sugar varies for each person, depending on their individual health condition and absorption. Since we are losing qi and blood every day, even healthy individuals are recommended to drink a cup every day to supplement their insufficient qi and blood.

After giving birth, women often have some experience with postpartum care. Nurses will typically first offer a cup of concentrated brown sugar water to help eliminate accumulated blood and secretions, as well as to promote blood circulation. The consumption of Jiujigong brown sugar can quickly replenish energy levels due to the significant physical exertion experienced during childbirth. Additionally, it can improve the quality of breast milk and promote uterine repair. Therefore, it is recommended for women who have just given birth to drink authentic Jiujigong brown sugar.

Most of the brown sugar on the market is impure and made from industrial processing of the leftovers of pure old brown sugar. This is the so-called “fake brown sugar” exposed by the 3.15 program. Drinking fake brown sugar does not work for dysmenorrhea, menstrual disorders, postpartum recovery, and warming the uterus for pregnancy. In addition, the high level of additives is not good for yourself, your family, or your baby.

Qi and blood are the foundation of youth and beauty, while a healthy uterus is the foundation of a woman’s health. Buying a piece of clothing for a couple of hundred dollars, wearing it a few times, and then throwing it away is nothing compared to investing in your own health and beauty. Get a box of pure handmade Jiujigong Brown Sugar, adjust your body, and when your Qi and blood are in good shape, you’ll always look young and beautiful, and anything you wear will look good on you.